Kereen Henry is an ambitious career-oriented woman with a passion for hard work. She comes from humble beginnings, which gives her a great sense of accomplishment today. This business-minded entrepreneur has built an admirable resume blazing a trail as she ascends to greater heights.

Ms. Henry  pursued a marketing degree at the University of Toledo. At this same time, she went on to procure several housing properties. Fiscally these real estate transactions put her in a position that was advantageous. This allowed the high-achiever to garner a substantial level of business and financial success.

Seeking to sharpen her overall skills, Kereen decided to juxtapose her housing endeavors with positions in sales and marketing. Putting things into position for better business management is a driving force in the life of the Business Goddess.

Entrepreneurial Business Ventures

The EntreMarketing Group

Ms. Kereen Henry is the CEO of The EntreMarketing Group, a company which focuses on helping women succeed in business. She has a true passion for helping women start new business ventures and make them successful. As a professional marketing consultant, Kereen has a true knack for helping business women build their brands.

The savvy business woman also acts as the Marketing Director of The EntreMarketing Group. She works directly with company’s marketing team to develop successful brand-building strategies to help increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Kybele Virgin Hair

Kereen Henry is also CEO of Kybele Virgin Hair, a company devoted to providing high-quality 100% human virgin hair weaves. The Atlanta-based hair company is dedicated to helping women care for their virgin hair extensions, as well as their own natural hair. The company’s website offers weekly hair care tips that are useful to women in general, but especially women of color.

The name “Kybele” is pronounced Kie-Bell. It’s actually a variation of the name “Cybele”, a Phrygian Goddess. Cybele was actually the only known goddess of Phrygia, and may have actually been its state deity. In some circles, she’s referred to as the “Goddess of Hair”, which is why fans of the Kybele Virgin Hair website are referred to as “goddesses.”

As a savvy and creative business woman, Kereen Henry has become one of the pioneers of the Atlanta hair delivery industry. Kybele Virgin Hair recently launched its Valet Service, which delivers virgin hair extensions within the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Of course the company only delivers hair weaves to public places, for safety reasons. But, same day hair delivery service is available.

Kereen Henry Takes the Business World by Storm

Currently, Ms. Henry lives in the melting pot known as Atlanta, GA. She quickly obtained popularity in the Atlanta Business world.

In 2013, Kereen joined the cast of Beauty Bosses of Atlanta, a reality TV show. It focuses on the empowerment of women and their accomplishments as they related to the beauty industry. It also shows the everyday struggles of these Atlanta business women.

Kereen Henry is a proud member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, also known as NAWBO. She is currently writing a book that will focus on helping women entrepreneurs and small business owners market their ventures successfully.

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