Hiring an Atlanta REALTOR® vs doing it yourself. Buying or selling your home is one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll make in your life. Many try to do it on their own. Some are successful. Others, not so much.

The entire selling and buying processes are very expensive. Plus, there are a lot of legalities involved that could cost you even more money in the end. Entering into a real estate transaction without professional representation is like handling a legal case without an attorney. The transaction is much too important to try to go it alone.

Advantages of Hiring an Atlanta REALTOR® Instead of DIY FSBO

There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t try to buy or sell your Atlanta home without a REALTOR®. There are too many moving parts to a real estate transaction that most non-professionals can’t understand without someone there to guide them through it all:

  • Filling out loads of paperwork
  • Shopping for the right home for you
  • Saving you time by doing the legwork for you
  • Handling contracts and amendments
  • Marketing the home
  • Presenting offers
  • Keeping up with checklists
  • Scheduling inspections
  • Staying on top of repairs
  • Dealing with disclosures
  • Keeping up with fair housing laws
  • Introducing you to unconventional financing methods
Kereen Henry is a local Atlanta REALTOR who proved she can sell your home fast.

Kereen Henry is a local Atlanta REALTOR® who proved she can sell your home fast.

4 Things Your Atlanta REALTOR® Does Well

Besides all the tasks above, hiring an Atlanta REALTOR® has deeper advantages. These are just four benefits of working with a REALTOR® rather than trying to conduct real estate business on your own:

1. Expert on Atlanta Housing Prices

ATL REALTORS® are experts at pricing homes in the Atlanta Metropolitan area and surrounding cities. They work hard at tracking the local housing market to see what affects current home values.

As a result, your agent will list your home at an attractive price to buyers, yet a strong enough price to please you, the seller. That way, you don’t have to stumble around blindly, going by what you THINK your home is worth.

Some FSBO homeowners price their homes too low, so they don’t get top dollar for their property. An unbiased opinion from your REALTOR® can help maximize your sale price and still help sell your home fast.

REALTORS® not only study the market and home prices, but they know what image sells. Maybe you need to upgrade a few items or invest in a new roof. Your agent knows the current market trends and will pick the necessary fashions to stage your home and get it sold.

2. Access to Multiple Listing Services – MLS

With access to the behind-the-scenes MLS forums, your REALTOR® has the tools needed to find homes the average consumer may not have access to through real estate for sale websites. MLS is a tool used by real estate professionals to list homes and find homes for sale on the market.

On MLS, your home has increased exposure, improving the chances that someone will see it and buy it. FSBO homeowners have access to the front-end of MLS, as well as sellers who are house hunting on their own. But having backend access to this tool is one of the top benefits of using a realtor.

3. Dealing with Laws, Rules and Regulations

In the real estate world, laws, rules and regulations change constantly. That’s why the Georgia Real Estate Commission® requires all state licensees to new their licenses every four years. Within year one of becoming a licensed agent, the agent must:

  • Complete a 25-Hour Post License Course
  • Complete 3 Hours of Continued Education on Real Estate Law

Because of this, an experienced Georgia REALTOR® can guide you through the buying and selling process and help you avoid and manage potential problems. So, be wise and make sure you have a Georgia State-licensed real estate agent on your team.

4. Valuable Real Estate Network

As a professional Atlanta REALTOR®, your agent should already have a valuable network in place. This network is filled with contacts that you’ll have access to when needed. From buyers and sellers to agents and lenders to contractors and landscapers, REALTORS® know the local market and the professionals operating within it.

They know the local business owners who have proven themselves over and over again. Wouldn’t it be better to get a referral from a non-bias agent than hiring a stranger whose history you know nothing about? Not only does your Atlanta REALTOR® have the resources and tools needed to get you to a closed escrow, but the agent knows when and how to use them to maximize your benefits as a seller or buyer.

Why Hiring an Atlanta REALTOR® Is the Smart Thing to Do

Why Hiring an Atlanta REALTOR® Is the Smart Thing to Do: Kereen Henry is The Closer

Kereen Henry is The Closer

Some people try to avoid working with real estate agents because they think their fees are too high. FSBO homeowners want to save money by not paying commissions. But the benefits of hiring a REALTOR® give you access to a professional negotiator and someone who will fight for your best interests.

Atlanta’s Kereen Henry REALTOR® is THE CLOSER. She will do anything within her power to keep your real estate deal from falling apart. The Keller Williams group thoroughly trained her on how to guide her real estate clients through the process of buying and selling homes in Atlanta. She never leaves her clients in the dark on anything related to their deal.

Ready to find out what your local CLOSER can do for you? Use the calendar below to schedule a free 30-minute, one-on-one chat with Kereen Henry to discuss what she can do for you in the current Atlanta real estate market.

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