The Avalon is a 86-acre luxury community on thirty minutes from the highlighted city, Atlanta. Here you can experience timeless living and chose from single family homes with attached court yards and highend loft apartments. Easy to live but you can also play! In walking distance is a small park, movie theatre, 500,000 square feet of retail options and 20 chef driven restaurants.

Don’t worry. It’s not just fun and retail. This community caters to your working needs. The Avalon features a conference center, a full service hotel, and offices spaces attracting multi-million companies like Microsoft.

One of the unique elements being a renter or owner is a membership to the concierge service called Club Avalon. You receive perks such as complimentary restaurant deliver, private event planning help, and restaurant reservations. Also, the club includes exclusive access to things like car wash services, house keeping, dog walking and personal stylists.

Adding the whip cream and cherry on top this idealist live, work, play community, the Avalon host events throughout the year in the plaza including ice skating, concerts, fitness classes and more.

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