All Cash Offers for Your Atlanta Home

Need to sell fast? Trying to avoid foreclosure? Selling because of a divorce and just want out now? Own a vacant property that you’re tired of dealing with? Get a no-obligation all cash offer for your home and close escrow in 15-90 days.

All Cash Offers

Repairs & Upgrades

Buyer Handles Issues & Costs

No Commission

Buyer Pays Agent Commission

Removes Contingencies

No Contingencies for Buying & Moving

Quick Turnaround

Offer Within 72 Hours, Close in 15-90 Days

Get a No-Obligation Quote Within 72 Hours

Get on with Your Life Within 90 Days

Keller Williams, the largest real estate brokerage in North America, presents no-obligation Keller Offers (KO). I am your trust advocate for helping you get the best cash offers for your Atlanta home from iBuyers and investors looking to improve their real estate portfolios.

Top 3 Reasons Sellers Choose KO for Cash for Homes:

  1. Simplicity – You’re presented with offers that you either accept, decline or counter the offers
  2. Certainty – No need to worry about a buyer backing out or having problems with escrow
  3. Convenience – Just sit back and let your agent do the work for you to sell your home for cash

These are no-obligation cash offers. If you decide you want to go to market and sell your home the traditional way, I’m here to list, market and sell it for you at fair market value.

Benefits of Selling Your Home for Cash Through Keller Offers

Why consider a cash offer on a house? What are some benefits of cash for homes over a conventional home sale? Here are some of the pros of selling your Atlanta home for cash:

  1. No Appraisal Needed
  2. Minimized Risks
  3. Less Stress for Seller
  4. No Staging Needed
  5. Buyer Handles Repairs
  6. No Showings or Open Houses
  7. Skip the Marketing
  8. Move Out Fast
  9. Buyer Handles Inspection
  10. No Risk of Failed Sell
  11. Minimized Paperwork
  12. Buyer Pays Agent Commission
  13. Get Offers Within 72 Hours
  14. Close Escrow in 15-90 Days
  15. No Obligation Offers

Hours for Cash Offers

Days For Close of Escrow

Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is the largest real estate brokerage in North America. We believe in building long-lasting relationships while helping sellers reach their end goals.

Whether you’re looking for simplicity, convenience and certainty for the quickest sale possible or you want the most equity you can get from your sale, we are here to help.

If you need to sell fast, give me a call at (404) 210-1674 or contact me online so we can discuss the pros and cons of each of your options and how each one will impact your bottom line.


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